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Dum Dum Girls Cassette Back In Stock For Limited Time

The Dum Dum Girls 'Blissed Out' cassette is back in stock in limited quantity. You can purchase it below to the right. Sub Pop also has a few more of the blue ones. Rough Trade will have theirs up shortly. Also, if you go see Dum Dums on the Girls tour, they will have some at those shows. Thanks.

Dum Dum Girls Website

Dum Dum Girls have a new official site and you can go look at it here

Don't Miss Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast & Pearl Harbor On Tour

NOT TOGETHER, duh. But check all the dates below and to the right in our tour dates section for all the up to date details. DDG and Best Coast will have the only copies available of the AF005 split 7", AF006 DDG cassette, and the AF007 Best Coast 7". Get them while you can and have fun too!

All The Tapes Have Shipped

We mailed out all the Dum Dum Girls Blissed Out Cassettes. Thank you to everyone who purchased. Current shipping time from here to the UK is four-five days, same thing for Japan, other areas (Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Singapore) be patient. If you missed out on ordering a tape, either sign up for our mailing list or check back here after SXSW.

Dum Dum Girls Cassette Sold Out / Making More!

So we totally underestimated the demand for the DDG tape. They all vanished in 3 days! Sub Pop actually still has the blue ones, go over there and snatch them up. As a result of the popularity of these, we're making just a few more to satisfy all of y'all. Count on more of each version in a couple weeks. Any news on this will be here and in a mailing list email, so stay tuned. And thank you!!

Dum Dum Girls 'Blissed Out' Cassette On Sale

Very limited at this point, and due to the limited nature of the release, only one purchase per account will be honored. Additional purchases will be refunded. Sorry to be a total downer! If the button is up (down the right side of the page) you can buy the tape, if it not there, you can not buy the tape.

Blissed Out Mailing List Tape Offer Closed; For Sale Here Later

Thanks for everyone who signed up for the Art Fag Recordings mailing list. Last night, all those who had signed up as of about 8is PST/ 11 EST got the email allowing them to buy the tape.
Those of you who signed up after that time did not get an email-sorry.
The rest of the tapes will be for sale at this website later today- if the Paypal Button is up, that means you can buy, if not, it's because it sold out. Sub Pop will have the blues for sale soon!!

Best Coast Orange Vinyl Direct Sale Sold Out; Shops Remain

The Best Coast Orange Vinyl is sold out here, but see the shops and on line outlets, many of whom have not even listed their supply for sale yet- contact them direct and move quickly. Everyone who was allowed to buy from the website will receive their record.