About the book
Michael Bullock's Roman Catholic Jacuzzi is an autobiographical novella recounting the gay former catholic altar boy's accidental discovery of the annual secret retreat of closeted homosexual priests.  With the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on two cases of marriage equality, 2013 has become the most significant year for gay civil rights in America. At the same time, Pope Benedict XVI, before his surprising resignation, intensified his rhetoric describing gay marriage as a "threat to peace." And while Pope Francis has yet to make a statement on the issue his track record on gay rights in his home country of Argentina is equally dismal. Against this intense political backdrop Roman Catholic Jacuzzi adds a new dimension to the conversation by blowing the whistle on a secret society and presenting the unspoken, complicated lives of gay Catholic priests.  The story depicts the closing evening of the retreat, when celebrations culminate in a drag-disco dance party, and how the author comes to terms with his discovery. Angry at the priests for furthering the Church's anti-gay teachings that oppressed him as a teenager, the author confronts their hypocrisy. After an intense 24 hours, he experiences firsthand that the priest themselves are among the most harmed by the Church's extreme homophobia. The author leaves the retreat surprised by his unlikely compassion.

About the author
Born and raised in Massachusetts, Michael Bullock is a writer and has been actively involved in independent magazine publishing for over a decade. Upon moving to New York City he started his career at the seminal downtown publication index. He went on to establish BUTT(the revolutionary Dutch magazine for homosexuals) in America, becoming its U.S. publisher from 2004-11. Currently, he is the American features editor for the contemporary interiors magazine Apartamento, a regular contributor to the architecture and design title PIN-UP, and works on the publishing side of Fantastic Man, The Gentlewoman, and PIN-UPRoman Catholic Jacuzzi is his first published book.

About the publisher
Karma is a publishing house, gallery, and bookstore that specializes in limited edition books by leading contemporary artist such as Bjarne Melgaard, Laura Owens, Dan Colen, and Paul Lee. Karma was founded by Brendan Dugan in 2011 and is located at 39 Great Jones Street in New York City.

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